Benefits of Raw Diet

Healthier Teeth and Gums.

Naturall clean teeth and healthy gums from the scrubbing, massaging and flossing action of eating raw meaty bones. Clean breath and no doggie odour after changing to raw feeding.

Healthier Skin, Coat and Muscles.

Switching to a natural raw diet often improves health problems such as arthritis, lack of energy, allergies, skin conditions, such as hot spots, shedding and dull coats. Ripping and chewing raw meaty bones develops the neck, jaw and shoulder muscles of dogs.

Boosted Immune System.

Greater absorption of naturally occurring nutrients and enzymes in raw meat, organs and bones. Prevents ear and bladder infections, and helps to build a stronger disease resistance.

Increased Energy and Vitality.

Dogs tend to maintain a healthy weight. Chances of obesity are minimized since it takes longer to chew and quicker to digest raw meaty bones. Ability to custom tailor your dogs' diet for their activity level, age, health conditions and specific nutritional requirements.

Improved Digestion.

On a natural raw diet your dog will no longer have irritable bowels. Stools are smaller, less smelly and quickly degrade into the soil.

Improved Behaviour.

Increased mental, physical and psychologial stimulation leading to greater well-being and satifaction. Vet bills are greatly decreased.