We sell complete daily portions that include meat, bone, organs (when available) and daily amount of tripe.

We welcome a visit with your dog to weigh and discuss individual needs and portion sizes. Portion size may vary depending on dog breed, temperament, age and daily exercise.

You're not sure what size is best for your dog? Is one size too small but the next size up too big?

We recommend choosing the smaller of the two sizes for five days a week using the less expensive proteins (i.e. chicken, pork, beef) and two days in the larger size of our best-priced protein (i.e turkey). In the wild, coyote would never get the exact same portion size day after day (or even have food daily!) and his intake would vary. Your dog is no different and would benefit from having a smaller meal some days (maybe on a less active day) and a larger one on days of high activity. Keep an eye on your pet's weight (we recommend bringing him in periodically when buying food for a free weight assessment) and if you find he's losing weight, increase to the larger size and vice versa.

Depending on your budget, you may want to consider substituting some meals with our premium proteins (i.e. duck, goat, lamb) as a treat. Depending on the breed, size, and activity level, you may find a smaller size will suffice.

MINI Portions

   Protein      Weight Of Daily   
   Complete Meal   
   Price Of Daily   
Complete Meal   
  Turkey  204g/7.2oz  $2.80
  King Fish  204g/7.2oz  $1.90
  Pork  215g/7.2oz  $2.20
  Beef  204g/7.2oz  $2.30
  Chicken  204g/7.2oz  $2.11
  Duck  204g/7.2oz  $2.25
  Lamb  204g/7.2oz  $3.00
  Goat  204g/7.2oz  $4.00

SMALL Portions

   Protein      Weight Of Daily   
    Complete Meal   
   Price Of Daily   
   Complete Meal   
  Turkey  340g/12oz  $3.25
  King Fish  340g/12oz  $2.26
  Pork  350g/12oz  $2.40
  Beef  340g/12oz  $3.25
  Chicken    340g/12oz  $2.46
  Duck  340g/12oz  $3.10
  Lamb  340g/12oz  $4.25
  Goat  340g/12oz  $6.10

MEDIUM Portions

   Protein      Weight Of Daily   
  Complete Meal   
   Price Of Daily   
    Complete Meal   
  Turkey  476g/16.8oz  $4.55
  King Fish  476g/16.8oz  $3.20
  Pork  490g/17.28oz  $3.21
  Beef  476g/16.8oz  $4.15
  Chicken  476g/16.8oz  $3.31
  Duck  476g/16.8oz  $4.05
  Lamb  476g/16.8oz  $5.95
  Goat  476g/16.8oz  $7.35

LARGE Portions

   Protein      Weight Of Daily   
   Complete Meal   
   Price Of Daily   
   Complete Meal   
  Turkey  707g/one lb 6oz  $6.00
  King Fish  707g/one lb 6oz  $4.61
  Pork  720g/one lb 6oz  $4.70
  Beef  707g/one lb 6oz  $5.51
  Chicken  707g/one lb 6oz  $4.72
  Duck  707g/one lb 6oz  $5.98
  Lamb  707g/one lb 6oz  $8.75
  Goat  707g/one lb 6oz  $10.25


   Protein      Weight Of Daily   
   Complete Meal   
   Price Of Daily   
   Complete Meal   
  Turkey  992g/two lbs 2oz  $8.78
  King Fish  992g/two lbs 2oz  $6.60
  Pork  1000g/two lbs 2oz  $6.46
  Beef  992g/two lbs 2oz  $7.55
  Chicken  992g/two lbs 2oz  $6.55
  Duck  992g/two lbs 2oz  $8.27
  Lamb  992g/two lbs 2oz  $12.25
  Goat  992g/two lbs 2oz  $13.90

GIANT Portions

   Protein      Weight Of Daily   
   Complete Meal   
   Price Of Daily   
   Complete Meal   
  Turkey  1292g/two lbs 8oz  $11.25
  King Fish  1292g/two lbs 8oz  $8.59
  Pork  1310g/two lbs 9oz  $8.39
  Beef  1292g/two lbs 8oz  $9.35
  Chicken  1292g/two lbs 8oz  $8.67
  Duck  1292g/two lbs 8oz  $10.69
  Lamb  1292g/two lbs 8oz  $15.95
  Goat  1292g/two lbs 8oz  $17.85


   Product   Price Per Pound Bag (454g)   
  Chicken Feet     $3.15
  Duck Feet  $3.75

"Classic": Meat & bone only. "Complete": Meat, bone, organ & offal

   Ground with bone      Price Per Pound Bag (454g)   
  Turkey  $4.40 (classic) $6.21 (complete)
  Pork  $4.15 (classic) $5.10 (complete)
  Chicken  $3.99 (classic) $4.63 (complete)
  Beef  $4.25 (classic) $4.85 (complete)
  Duck  $4.45 (classic)
  Lamb  $5.55 (classic)
  King Fish  $3.20 (classic)


GROUND BEEF OFFAL (Tripe and Organ Meat)   Price Per Block   
  Offal Cube approx 700g   $5.49
  Offal in small cubes for daily portioning approx 700g     $6.50


Teeth Cleaning Bones (frozen)      Price Per Bag   
  2 Lamb Trotter Bones  $4.00
  Large Beef Marrow Bone  $6.99
  Mini Dog Supplement Bones Beef  $2.00
  Mini Dog Supplement Bones Chicken  $0.75
  Mini Dog Supplement Bones Pork  $0.75
  Mini Dog Supplement Bones Turkey  $0.75


Treats   Price Per Bag   
  Dehydrated Beef Liver  $5.50
  Dehydrated Beef Kidney  $5.50
  Dehydrated Pork Liver  $5.50
  Dehydrated Pork Heart  $5.50
  Dehydrated Chicken Liver  $5.50
  Dehydrated Chicken Feet  $5.50
  Dehydrated Turkey Liver     $5.50
  Dehydrated Turkey Heart     $5.50
  Dehydrated Duck Feet  $5.50


Prices are subject to change according to vendor prices without further notice. If there is a discrepancy between prices on the website, the store cash register prices will be the acurate ones.

Can I pay by Credit Card or Cheque for my purchases?
We only accept cash, interac or electronic transfer (for pre-orders) in order to keep our prices as low as possible for you, our valued customer.

Prices are subject to 13% HST.

Dogs are welcome to shop with you in our store, but please note that for safety reasons retractable leashes are not permitted on our premises. Please bring your dog on a secure collar you dog cannot slip out of and a nylon or leather leash. Should you forget your leash, please leave your dog in the car and come inside first, we will happily supply you with a leash to bring your dog inside the facility safely. Thank you.

Why is smoking "paw-hibited" on your premises?
Please note that smoking is not allowed anywhere on our premises. We are a holistically inclined daycare and are trying to keep our boarding guests, staff and volunteers healthy and safe. Besides causing a fire hazard, one cigarette butt contains enough nicotine to kill a small puppy or a kitten when swallowed. Our staff is unavailable to pick up every single cigarette dropped in our parking lot, hence, the no smoking policy. Please respect our property. Thank you.