Testimonials or: Creden-Tails


"We came to Doggie Minder in early May to check out their facilities for our 3 year old golden, Benzley. After meeting Corinna, we decided to have him stay for a week and be converted to a raw food diet. Tina and Corinna have been a "delight" to work with as we converted Benz and watch him lose the weight he needed (20 pounds - previously tipping the scales at 101.8 lbs). This is all due to the raw diet. He had a limp which was one of the reasons for reducing his weight and commencing the raw food diet. Benzley is now a different dog! His coat is smoother, sheds less, "less to pick up :)", less lethargic and a new bounce in his step. We have done our bi-monthly weigh in with Tina and found he has loved every food they offer. We have met our weight target for Benz and know he will stay "fit" due to Doggie Minder Delight under the watchful eyes of Corinna and Tina.":)

Lesley, Rob, Austin and Benzley - Whitby


"Charlie had a great time with you guys at Doggie Minder for boarding for the week. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the food! It is so easy and perfect. Charlie was always a very picky eater with food but he gobbles the raw stuff right up. I used to leave out his food in the morning and he would maybe eat it before bed when he would be really hungry i’m sure. But now I put out the food and it is gone in a matter of minutes. The portions are so perfect and easy. I love just grabbing a bag out of the freezer in the morning and not having to think or worry about the portion or making sure he is getting all the right foods each week. There is nothing in the freezer that Charlie does not like. Our freezer is full with meals from you for the next four months. Thank you again for all your help and we will see you in a few months for more food :)

Kelly and Greg from Toronto


"What an awesome idea. Now I have more time to spend with my Zuma, just pick my complete meals and put them in the freezer!! And Zuma loves to come visit and get weighed! Way to go!!!!

Barbie from Ajax


"I love that I can purchase a meal in a bag, no mess, no fuss and not to mention that Shelby enjoys her meals so much. I also love that Corinna monitors Shelby's weight so we can keep an eye on it and adjust her portions accordingly if needed, and that questions are always welcome. The set up is great, warm and inviting when you come through the door and you truly know that she is providing a great service and her love for dogs is shown in her constant interest in how your dog is doing from week to week. Thanks Corinna & her team"

Jackie from Whitby


"When I adopted Logan I didn't have a clue about the raw diet and its benefits for dogs. Corinna and her staff educated me about it quickly and I had no concerns after that. When I saw the new product, though, I realized that the concept of the raw diet has been taken to the next level. The description on the label on each package fully explains what's inside, and that it's all human consumable product.

Maybe it doesn't smell great to me, but Logan, a picky eater, almost inhales every meal. The portion control means that it's easy to control Logan's weight by alternating between meal sizes, which is important for all dogs and perhaps even more critical for German Shepherds because of the way they're built. I have a healthy, happy, active dog and I believe that diet plays a huge role in that. I also believe that the refinements that have been made will only enhance the probability that Logan will continue to live a long, happy, healthy life."

Gavin from Ajax


"My name is Maggie and I wanted to say thank you to Corinna & staff for taking such good care of me. I am going to be nine years old in April and I've been coming to Doggie Minder for five (5) years now. I have been eating raw food for the same amount of time and I just love it. In December 2015 my Mom started to purchase Doggie Delight pre-packaged raw food from Corinna. OMG is all I have to say. I am so excited about my dinner that I start to bark 2 blocks away from home.

Even though my Mom spent a lot of time purchasing, sorting, and portioning my meals she always seemed overwhelmed with that task. Sometimes I even had the same meal twice in a row - I really don't like leftovers. Anyway, now I get something different everyday and wow it tastes soooo good. I get meat, bone, organ meat and best of all smelly tripe. Yummy in my tummy.

My Mom and Dad seem to have more time playing and walking me now since all my food is already prepared in complete packages - and no cleanup. My fur coat is so shiny and I haven't felt better in my whole life. So thank you for making sure that not only am I exercised and spoiled at daycare, but I am also feed properly and nutritiously. My Mom and Dad said yesterday "Mags you look great" must be the grade AAA meat, nothing but the best for our little girl!

Thanks again to my Doggie Minder family.

Lots of love,"

"Little Mags with Mom Jenn and Dad Will from Oshawa


"We switched Opie from bricks of ground raw to the pre-packaged meals and we noticed a change right away. Not only is it super convenient for a busy family like ours, but Opie loves it, he always comes back looking for more! After switching we noticed his coat looked so much more shiny than before and his teeth are snow white!! We are so glad we made the switch and have since recommended others to do the same. For a very similar cost to a high priced kibble you cannot beat the nutrition for your dog."

Rob and Carrie from Brooklin


"I have learned all I know about Raw Feeding from Corinna and my "great terror" Diesel has been on raw since I rescued him 6 years ago at age 2. No I did not mis-spell - he is a Jack Russell Terrier - or I usually say "terror". :-) Corinna helped me in the early years to acclimatize him to living indoors with civil people and great manners - he is also so healthy from the raw diet she mentored me to feed him. Doggie Minder Delight ROCKS!"

Shirley from Whitby



"Corinna Bollmann is second to none. Her passion, knowledge and experience is evident in everything she does.

Doggie Minder Delight is a cozy and friendly little animal lover shop! Corinna and her staff are there to help with great and friendly advice. It was a piece of cake to switch my girl Mandy to a raw diet because Corinna and her staff are so knowledgeable AND all you do is defrost your doggie food and serve!

My Top 3: Why My German Shepherd Mandy is a better dog:

1.   Love the Leash Saturday morning classes:
My German Shepherd Mandy has always loved people but... she used to be "ready for combat" when she'd see another dog. She is a rescue as well. Since taking her to Love the Leash Mandy is a completely changed girl and she loves to engage with other dogs now. We've met some great people and their furry friends!

2.   Daycare at Doggie Minder:
Corinna and her staff are genuinely interested about the care of your dog(s) when you drop them off at Doggie Minder. You pick up your pup and they are full and energy and a very happy dog and then they pass out on the couch at home from all the fun!! Haha!! Corinna and her staff have added a few years onto Mandy's life because she is so well taken care of when she is there for a day or two or more. Corinna also provided daycare for our Chocolate Lab Dawson. He had a blast he also had an extra sparkle in his eye and lived longer as well, he had so much fun with Corinna and her amazing pack and made life long friends! Thank you Corinna, Robin, Miranda, MJ and Kelly!! :0)

3.   Balanced Ready To GO Raw Meals by Corinna Bollmann!
Wow, this was sooo easy!! Apart from how convenient and very well balanced Corinna's ready raw meals are for dogs and cats, it's very interesting too! My Mandy girl, her coat is so silky and shiny now, she has better posture because she feels better no longer eating kibble ... her breath is so fresh now she's getting even more hugs and kisses. I highly recommend watching the DVD: "Healthy Raw Food Diet for Dogs And Cats" with Corinna Bollmann, and I also recommend her very informative book: "Pet Care Made Easy" by Corinna Bollmann as well. There is great education and heartfelt truth in her book, great eye opening and thought provoking read. Corinna encourages you to think for yourself and feel empowered to make great life long decisions for the best benefit for your dog and cat. After all... our pets are our family too.

So to wrap this up, Corinna has so much to offer you and your lovely furry friends. From great training classes on Saturday mornings with lots of great free info to help the life of you and your pet to looking after your dog in daycare, your pet will make friends and have lots of playtime ~ and her staff is sooo nice!! The Complete Raw Meals are ready to GO. The food is great quality as well. Your dog and cat will love it!! See you all for Love the Leash on Saturdays!

I wish Corinna and staff much success and many happy returns... "

Juliellen, Janice and Brad from Whitby



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Debbie and Alan from Oshawa


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Matthew from Scarborough



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Mireille and Hugh from Whitby



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Rene from Whitby


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Erin and Jeff from Brooklin


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Lindsey and Braydon from Oshawa


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Joanne and James from Ajax


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Regina and Craig from Whitby


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Natasha and Tony from Brooklin


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Russ from Courtice


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Lori and Andrew from Ajax



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Kathy and Andrew from Pickering


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Stacie and Paul from Markham



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Tracey and Paul from Brooklin


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Rose and Todd from Brooklin